About me

‘My goal is to entertain people. To get them away from their own reality, even for a little while and place them in a world where everything is possible. So in a way, I’m an escape artist’

Born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands as the son of a hairdresser and an amateur football coach, Vincent was off course destined to be a filmmaker. As a child he liked to isolate himself from everyone else to write short stories. At the age of 8, he already wrote full plays for his cousins to act out.

The passion for story telling stayed and the stories got bigger. Through the years his focus shifted to film, after he’d been glued to the television as a child. Vincent grew up with the work of legends such as Tarantino, Fincher, Wright and the Coen brothers. Their films became his second reality. In 2017 Vincent graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts as a film director.

Since the start of his career Vincent worked on many films in many different roles. He focuses on being a writer/director, but has experience as a producer, first A.D., technical support and even as an onscreen extra. Vincent has worked on some amazing films. Vincent is mostly known for the award winning film The Underachiever, for the films: Beardbrothers and Shiro, and as the writer of the acclaimed film 12 Angry Arabs. With his films he hopes to show diversity on and behind the screen.